Burn Injuries

Thousands of people each year are severely injured in burn accidents. Serious burn injuries are incredibly complex and hence treatment and healing is much difficult. Often the burn injuries affect the nerves, muscles, bones, blood vessels and tendons. Burn also affects the body temperature, fluid balance, dexterity, range of motion, joint function and physical appearance. In addition the mental and physical stability also get affected. The victims of burn injuries not only go through extensive medical care but also many painful surgeries, rehabilitation session and counseling.

Types and Severity of Burn

The severity of a burn is determined by a number of factors arise out of the amount of skin burned and its depth.

First degree burns are the mildest form which affects only first Legal offices of the skin on the body. These are less destructive but can be fatal if cover a majority of the total body surface area. Although painful at times these burns usually heal themselves within a week or so. The victims of the first degree burn experience redness in the area and peeling of the skin.

Second degree burns affect the first two layers of the skin of the body and affect the sweat glands and hair follicles which can lead to destabilization of the body temperature and fluid balance. If these burns are left untreated, these can regress into third degree burn. These injuries take 3 weeks to be healed and left minimal scarring.

Third degree burns affect all the Legal offices of the skin. As the nerve endings are destroyed in the accident some patients may feel only some pain. Healing from these burns requires number of surgeries and long time physical therapy. It also needs long recovery time. Much scarring is left by these burns.

In fourth-degree burn the victims lose the potentiality of skin, muscles and bones permanently

as the burn extents past the skin and into the muscles and bones.

Another common burn is an airway burn when the trachea or lungs are burned by intense inhalation or heat. The lungs are seriously damaged by the inhaled toxins and prevent the organs to take in the oxygen. If a person has suffered an inhalation injury it is essential to consult with …-…-…. immediately.