Bicycle Accident

Pioneer in Bicycle Accident Litigation

The Law Farm Personal injury law office is a specialist in the area of bicycle accidents, cycling injuries, litigation and settlement. The farm has competed thousands of cases and dedicated to helping seriously injured cyclist recovering their maximum amount of damages.

Compensation for Bicycle Accident

At Ontario many of the bicycle accident cases we handle happen at intersection locations or a speeding driver is unable to judge and control the speed of the bicycle. If you have been  personally injured  or lost a loved one in a bicycle accident owing to someone’s fault you may be able to recover damaged from the party responsible for your injuries. We have successfully handled the cases which involve:

  • Careless or reckless drivers of cars or trucks
  • Drunk drivers who cause DUI car vs. bicycle accidents
  • Negligent manufacturers of the bicycle, bicycle parts or bicycle accessories
  • Negligent service repair  shop
  • State, country or city agencies responsible for road design, road sign placement and maintenance  and upkeep

Accident Caused by Defective Bicycle Parts

If you or someone you love injured in bicycle accident is caused by defective parts or faulty manufacturing, our experts in bicycle accident injury law firm may be able help the victims injured or killed by

  • Defective bicycle accident
  • Malfunctioning of bicycle tire
  • Failure of brake of bicycle
  • Defective bicycle pedals
  • Defective bicycle toe clips
  • Failure of bicycle frame welding
  • Improper assemble of bicycle

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