Bicycle Accident Prevention: Cycling Tips?

Summer is in full form and it is time to go for a nice ride in the sun riding a bicycle to navigate the city street. It is time to go crazy and enjoy the speed of cycling. It results in unexpected accidents and injuries. Personal Injury Law Firm in California has fought for clients involved in these accidents. Riding bicycle down the streets in crowded neighborhood can be very tricky and as a practicing Law firm in California we are forwarding 5 tips that can significantly reduce the risk of being in a bicycle accident.

v  Stay off the side walk. It is always alluring to avoid traffic by riding on the sidewalk particularly when there is no bicycle lane. But irrespective of circumstances it is always legal and safer to ride on the. As a bicyclist you will be able to hide your speed if you are on the sidewalk as the drivers tend to only expect and look for pedestrians. Very common bicycle accidents happen at an intersection because the drivers of the other side of the street make a left hand turn. So stay on the street because that is where oncoming traffic can see you.

v  Wear   helmet while cycling. As a personal injury law firm we have seen how different the medical consequences can be between someone who wearing helmet and someone who is not. Recent studies show that 85% of head injuries in bicycle accidents can be reduced by wearing a helmet.

v  Always ride with traffic rule. You may sometimes feel expedient or even more comfortable riding against traffic. But it is a terrible idea. Riding with the traffic means that cars will be coming at you from behind which give them time to make adjustments to you if necessary. One very common bicycle accident happens when a bicyclist is going against traffic and the car is turning right from an intersection stree.If you are going against traffic you would be coming from the other side and the driver will not likely to see if you were there. In a hurry to quickly turn onto the street, an accident is very likely if you are crossing the intersection at the same time.

v  Get both a headlight and flashing backlight. In most states it is absolutely illegal to ride a bicycle without a headlight and flashing backlight. Even if you have night vision goggles and can see just fine, the cars of the road cannot. Night time driving is riskier in and of itself, but if bicyclist are on the road without light, the risk is increased. So try to make yourself as noticeable as possible to help the drivers of the car avoid hitting you.

v  Last but not the least ride slow and avoid blind spot. Riding slow on City Street is just plain smart because there are potholes and debris to cause accident. Avoiding blind spot is extremely important as well because nobody looks for bike in their blind spot. Before turning most cars will make a quick check for another vehicle in their blind spot. Try to stay in front of or behind the car, especially at spot light and you can avoid blind spot collision.