ATV Accidents

Toronto ATV Accident

Our personal injury lawyers at Personal Injury Law Office have successfully represented hundreds of clients who have been injured in an ATV accident. We have been working in this field for years and researched and discovered the nuances and technicalities with which the case can be won. If ATV accident is the reason for your injury, then contact one of our lawyers at Personal Injury Law Office to know your legal rights and to secure your compensation which you might be entitled to.

ATV accidents and its reasons

ATVs or All-terrain vehicles are basically four wheeled (sometimes three wheeled also) motorized vehicles used for outdoor activities. As they are used chiefly for recreational purpose and driven off the roads frequently, they cause serious injury and even death to the children and young ones. The increasing number of such injuries and deaths in the state of Ontario is quite unfortunate.

The most probable reason, which has been contended by the experts, behind the ATV accidents is that they are becoming heavier and stronger and sometimes becomes uncontrollable for the driver causing a vehicle overturn

The Polaris ATV Recall

In the past couple of years Polaris recalled thousands of ATVs due to its reported accidents as a result of its technical faults. Because of the reports of defects in the machination, Polaris had to recall a few ATV models including the Sportsman series, the Ranger series and couple of other models. The technical flaws at the Polaris ATVs took many lives and numerous people were injured.

If you have been injured in an ATV accident, a personal injury lawyer from Personal Injury Law Office can help you in the best possible manner in protecting your legal rights and obtaining maximum compensation from the at-fault party as well. A legal representation is important because you might deserve a considerable monetary compensation for your medical bills and others and the at-fault party might try to shirk as much as he can.

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